Physical Therapy Services for the elderly at home As your senior relatives age, or as they recover from various conditions or injuries, they may require occupational therapy as a part of their personal home health care. The question is, what is the role of this occupational therapy in bolstering and maintaining their health? Tri-Med Home Care Services, Inc. investigates. 


Occupational therapy focuses on strengthening and preserving a senior’s mobility and can, therefore, assist them in overcoming numerous daily challenges. These daily challenges may include things like getting dressed or bathing oneself. 

Optimizing the Home

Occupational therapists will have a good idea of a senior’s unique ability in terms of independent living and will recommend relevant changes in the home accordingly. This may include suggesting the installation of grab bars or perhaps a stairlift to aid in reducing the likelihood of falls. 

Support for Mental Challenges

Along with assisting seniors with physical issues, occupational therapists are also there to assess a senior’s cognitive challenges. They are especially useful in dealing with seniors who are suffering from conditions that may result in memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. In these cases, they will provide engaging occupational tasks that will aid in limiting the repetitive behavior that is common in individuals diagnosed with these conditions.  

Speech Therapy

Elderly people who are struggling with their speech clarity can also benefit from occupational therapy and speech therapy for adults. Most occupational therapists will offer speech therapy services that will assist an individual in communicating more effectively regardless of the physical or cognitive challenges that they face.  Here at Tri-Med Home Care Services, Inc., we specialize in personal home health care, as well as occupational therapy for seniors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your loved one.

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