Preventing falls at home - Seniors Home Care Falls are some of the most dangerous accidents that seniors face. Falls can lead to serious injuries and thus preventing a fall is better than dealing with repercussions at a later stage. Personal home care services can help you to secure your home in a way to lower the possibilities of falling. 

Have Good Lighting in Your Home

As you age, your eyesight starts to deteriorate. It’s important to have better lighting in your home. Good lighting throughout the living spaces will decrease the chances of tripping over something and falling.

Clean Up Any Spills ASAP

Never leave spills unattended because this is an immediate cause for an accident. Mop up spills as soon as they happen, and make sure that your personal care home consultant does this too. 

Get Rid of Clutter

If the home is cluttered, it can lead to potential tripping hazards. Make sure that the bedrooms and other living areas are free from clutter to allow for spacious movement. 

Set Furniture So That It Doesn’t Block Your Walkway Paths

Place furniture in a way that you and your guests can walk freely without bumping into things. If the place is small (which is usually the case for independent living), then make sure the furniture is the size-appropriate for the living space.

Install Railings

Railings are not just meant for the stairway, but you can also install extra railings in the shower and bath. The more railings, the more secure you will be as you can now hold on to it securely for extra support. 

Use a Lamp on Your Nightstand

Never try to grope your way in the dark. Instead, use a lamp on your nightstand to help you see at night.  Live in home care professionals can help you to decrease your risk of falling. They can help improve and modify your home for this. For more information contact us today.

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