Case Management Services  We live in a day and age where seniors can continue to live independently for much longer periods of time. This is due thanks to home help services for the elderly, as well as a host of incredible technology. Below, we highlight some of this exciting tech that is changing the lives of America’s seniors for the better.

Medication Management

 One of the most challenging aspects of daily life for seniors is trying to manage the amount of medication that they need to take on a daily basis. New technology, such as apps and digital pill dispensers are designed to help keep them on track with their meds.

Devices for Socializing 

Many seniors will struggle to figure out the workings of a Smartphone or laptop, thus making it difficult for them to keep in touch with relatives who live far away. This can also prove to be a big problem in terms of checking in with family members every day for their peace of mind. Luckily, ‘senior-friendly’ devices have been introduced in recent years. Essentially, these devices consist of large touchscreens for ease-of-use. Some of these devices ‘talk’ as well, such as GeriJoy which is designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Tap the screen and the virtual dog or cat “gets up” and starts chatting.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) 

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) include wristbands that can be activated in the event of an emergency. The wristband then alerts family members of a problem, leading to quick assistance and more peace of mind. Are you looking for home help services for the elderly to enable your senior loved one to live independently for longer? Tri-Med Home Care Services, Inc. is a senior home services provider and home health nurse agency that you can count on. Contact us today to learn more.

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