fine home health aideFinding a reliable home health aide can be difficult and expensive. However, with the right help, it’s worth every cent spent to ensure that your loved one gets the best care - every day. Many elderly people live in home assisted communities, while others live independently. Aging and illness can lead to becoming more dependent on others. Here are some ways to narrow down your search for a home health aide that you can trust:  

Decide on What Your Loved One Needs

  What type of help does your elderly loved one need? Are they independent and only need help running errands, transport and scheduling doctor’s visits or do they need high-level care? High-level care is everyday help with daily tasks such as getting bathed, dressed, using the toilet, walking, taking medication, and more. Once you know the type of help needed you can then establish what the caregiver’s responsibilities are.  

Will You Hire Help Privately or Via a Company?

  Home health aide agencies screen their staff and make sure that they meet the qualifications. One of the setbacks with agencies is that you’re not always able to choose the person. In other words, you don’t get to know them first before deciding. However, when you look for help on your own, you can decide who you want to look after your loved one. The disadvantage of finding someone on your own means that you need to take measures to make sure that they are screened, trustworthy, and qualified. Many elderly folks have been victims to scam health aide workers.  

How Much Will Home Health Aide Services Cost?

  The cost to hire a home health aide specialist can be high, especially when dealing with high-level care. The good news is that many Medicaid and medical health insurers cover the cost of home health care. Book a consultation with Tri-Med Home Care services to find out more about what quality home health care will cost you and your family.  

Do You Know Where to Look for Help?

  You can use a locator service, which will give you a listing of many care aide agencies in and around your area. Another option is to look online and read reviews of home health care facilities. Speak to some of their existing patients and families to find out more about the service providers. Need home health aide care you can trust? Contact us for more information.

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