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February is National Senior Independence Month and, therefore, the perfect opportunity to learn more about how you can help your senior loved ones to retain their independence for longer. Here are four tips to remember going forward. 

Make Their Home More Mobility-Friendly

Along with ensuring that the already existing aspects of the home that allow for safer mobility are in good working condition (such as the stair railing), you can also invest in a few new upgrades along the way. These might include stair lifts, grab bars in the bathroom, and perhaps even a shower chair to help prevent slips and falls. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Too much clutter in the home can lead to unsafe conditions that could increase the chances of your loved one injuring themselves.

Assist Them to Embrace Technology

If it is not possible for you to check in on your senior loved one every day, technology in the form of a smartphone or a tablet could work wonders in terms of giving you peace of mind that they are still coping just fine. Set a specific time each day that you call or video call and stick to it. That way, if you do not hear from them by the allocated time, you will know that there may be an emergency that needs attending to.

 Consider a Home Health Aide

When it comes to successfully ‘aging in place’ nothing beats enlisting the services of a home health aide. This specialist will not only be responsible for caring for your loved one, but also for helping them with everyday tasks such as meal preparation and housekeeping. The great news is that there are numerous agencies out there focused on providing professional home health care for maximum peace of mind. 

Tri-Med Home Care Services is a home health aide agency in New York. Allow us to assist you this Senior Independence Month, and every month thereafter. Contact us today for more information regarding our services.

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