Speech Pathology / Therapy for the elderlyWhen a patient is in need of speech therapy, in-home speech therapy can be endlessly beneficial. Not only does it mean that the patient remains comfortable within their familiar surroundings, but it also means that they will not be required to travel. The great news is that high-quality speech therapy for adults can be done anywhere, as long as the speech therapist is qualified. Below, we discuss a few other wonderful benefits of in-home speech therapy. 

Therapists Will Be More Informed

When giving speech therapy to a patient at their home, therapists will also have the opportunity to speak to their caregiver and relatives. This allows them to be more informed in terms of the patient’s behavior and progress, which can improve the level of service that he or she is able to provide. 

Reduced Stress

Many patients who are in need of speech therapy will also often be struggling with confusion and/or other symptoms, which can make the act of venturing out to a new place very stressful. Receiving speech therapy in the comfort of their home completely eliminates this stress. 

Personally Relevant Materials

Many speech therapy services also include memory therapy or swallowing therapy, and a patient’s personal items and materials can be useful for this. For example, pictures of family members or friends can help to stimulate memory function, and speech therapists can make use of the patient’s own silverware during swallowing therapy, which optimizes results. If done somewhere other than home, the therapist does not necessarily know the size of the patient’s eating utensils, hence the reason why the swallowing therapy may not be as effective.  Here at Tri-Med Home Care Services, Inc., we offer in-home speech therapy services. Our qualified, dedicated team goes over and above your expectations to ensure that they provide exceptional personal care services, including speech therapy/speech pathology, that promise improved quality of life for our elderly clients.

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